ETL Solution.

Take the stress out of managing incoming or outgoing data feeds and be assured of consistently reliable data by using our Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) Solution.

Big Data Problems?

The more data, the better, but a lot of data can quickly become unmanageable. The goal is to turn data into information that can be used to help inform business decisions. Some common issues with Big Data are:

  • Reliability of the data
  • Data source changes
  • Multiple data sources
  • Errors when importing
  • Incomplete picture
  • Difficulty in integrating new data requirements
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Data Management Made Simple

PromatIQ can provide an ETL Solution to give you total management of your data, through automation, error handling, data issues and notification services.


  • Data Collection
  • (Different sources: could be sell through, stock information for stock control, CRM info etc. from various sources and locations - example Excel, CRM, SQL, MySQL, SAP, MYOB, attaché, Recon, etc.)


  • Mapping fields & data types (formatting)
  • Clean, validation and automation
  • Implementation of your business rules


  • Loading clean data into central data warehouse
  • Schedule (using the scheduling tool)

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