PromatIQ ETL Solution

Take the stress out of managing incoming or outgoing data feeds and be assured of consistently reliable data by using the PromatIQ ETL Solution

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Big Data Problems? Do you have ETL requirement?

Multiple Data Sources Data Caution

Common issues with Big Data

  • Reliability of the data
  • Data source changes
  • Multiple data sources
  • Errors when importing
  • Incomplete picture
  • Difficulty in integrating new data requirements

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Introducing the PromatIQ ETL Solution

Your very own ETL solution provider, armed with IQdata integration manger

Multiple Data Sources
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PromatIQ ETL Solution Process


  • Data Collection
  • (Different sources: could be Sell through, stock information for stock control, CRM info etc. from various sources and locations - example Excel, CRM, SQL, MySQL, SAP, MYOB, attaché, Recon, etc.)


  • Mapping fields & data types (formatting)
  • Clean, validation and automation
  • Implementation of your business rules


  • Loading clean data into central data warehouse
  • Schedule (using the scheduling tool)

On a "Set & Forget" principle

  • Handling incoming & outgoing ETL processes
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Data OK

Exception Report

  • e.g. Data had errors, Data not received etc.

Data management made simple:

Total management of your data through:

  • Handling of Data issues
    (e.g. corruption, missing data, formatting etc.)
  • Exception reporting
    • Application of business rules resulting in:
      • Notification services
        • Data errors
        • Action emails (e.g. Internal & External Customer notifications)
        • Reliable & relevant data presented to decision makers to execute on
  • Automation
    • Application of the business rules to maximise utilisation of data and resource

Resulting in:

  • Streamlined data utilisation
  • Streamlined resource utilisation

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