IQData Product Manager

This tool kit consists of a Purchasing Module to aid procurement from multiple suppliers, multi location, with JIT and pricing aspects, it includes a Kit Builder to link components, attributes and associations to the application and a Sales Module to calculate pricing based on supplier pricing, exchange rate fluctuations and GP margins. The Sales Module also has the ability to dynamically set website menus and maintain e-commerce data.

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IQData Product Manager


The Product manager is one of our tools in the IQData Suite that consists of the following modules:

1) Purchasing Module - Giving you complete

2) Sell Price Module - Helping you maintain accurate sell prices:

3) Kit Builder - Allowing you to:

Features full administrator configurations, assigned roles for restricting access to specific modules. Windows login credentials are passed into the systemto log users in, removing the need for additional passwords.

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1) Purchasing Module

The Purchasing Module consists of the following sections:

Supplier Maintenance:

Current suppliers are seamlessly synchronized from your current ERP / Accounting System e.g. MYOB, SAP B1, Attache' and many others.
Additional details are linked to the suppliers where not available. e.g. Freight costs, stock holding penalties, settlement discounts etc.
Near accurate replacement costs are calculated in real time. e.g. is the currency changes once updated all preferred supplier are recalculated in immediately.

IQData Product Manager Supplier Maintenance

Supplier Product Sheet Maintenance:

Some of the features include:

IQData Product Manager Supplier Product Sheet Maintenance

Product Overview:

Product details can then be viewed and maintained in the product overview section.
The view gives you a full overview of the product namely:

The IQData Product manager is calculating in real time:

On the spot maintenance is available including:

IQData Product Manager Product Overview

Purchasing decision Manager (reorder)

Stock shortages based on forecast monthly usage, preferred supplier lead times and stock on hand as well as purchase orders are provided in an exception list that simplifies the reorder process.

The reorder process begins with reports that can be run to a workbench:
Report types include:

The Workbench presents by supplier the product and reorder qty.

The workbench will indicate products that fall outside of deviation expectations that is products with unexpected spikes in red for further investigation.

The system then allows you to confirm add or modify the existing qty to order and then pushes the completed order into your ERP / Accouting package.

IQData Product Manager Purchasing decision Manager


2) Sell Price Module

Seamless management of your selling prices e.g. US$ changes or your supplier gives you an unexpected increase, have our IQData present by exception the suggested changes to prices based on business rules established by you.
Have your online recommended retail price adjust in real time based on your:

Set margin expectations based on one or all of the following criteria:


This is a set and forget process that manages by exception only:

IQData Product Manager Sell Price Module 1

The exception reports are emailed to the sales manager, who can view the exceptions and make changes with the following information at their finger tips:

The Sales manager or category manager has the ability now to update the ERP / Accounting package automatically with the press of a button.

IQData Product Manager Sell Price Module 2


3) Kit Builder

Allowing kits to be assembled with a Bill of Materials and attributes.

IQData Product Manager Kit Builder

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